From raising children and performing daily household chores while working 40 hours a week, it seems as though modern women today juggle more tasks at a faster pace than ever before. Enter motivational speaker and wellness consultant Rosalie Moscoe to help the modern woman alleviate stress in her life with “Frazzled Hurried Woman!: Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving, Not Merely Surviving.”

Moscoe creates a comprehensive guide for relieving stress that provides easy-to-follow solutions for the overworked, stressed out, busy woman. She combines medical findings with wisdom of the ages to help women energize and improve their mental and physical health.

“My main objective is to help women reduce their stress and step out of the frazzled lifestyle,” Moscoe says. “I want to help them become calm, centered, in charge and start enjoying life again.”

Stories, step by step solutions, quotes, poems and illustrations make up much of the wellness book that covers more than just stress management. Moscoe examines psychological issues such as why women over-commit and desire perfection at all costs, putting at risk their health and well-being. She shows women how to achieve a healthy balance in all aspects of life: emotional, physical, nutritional, spiritual and financial, as well as in their relationships. “Frazzled Hurried Woman!” not only teaches a reader how to maintain control in stressful situations, but also to value and protect their personal time.

“If you are overtired, overstressed, overwhelmed, over worried, overeating or just plain overdoing it, there are practical, stress-relieving strategies in this book that can help you,” Moscoe says.

Moscoe believes that in order to overcome and heal the mental, emotional and physical effects of over-commitment and stress, women must understand them first. She explores the effects in a lighthearted, engaging and informative manner in “Frazzled Hurried Woman!” in hopes that women can become relaxed and streamline their pace of life enabling them to enhance their life journeys.

“Frazzled Hurried Woman!: Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving, Not Merely Surviving” is available online at and other channels.

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