Ulster Counties world famous town of Woodstock held its 18th Annual Film Festival. In her released statement co-founder, executive director Meira Blaustien said, “As the festival begins, please join me in welcoming the hundreds of film makers and artist who have traveled here from near and far for five magical days of cinematic celebration.” Gov. Coumo also sent his best wishes for the festival in a letter to the festival.

This years Maverick Award was presented to Susan Serandon. The four time Oscar Nominee’s work also includes producer credits. She is also active in Human Rights causes and has worked with Film Aid International and Madre, to mention a few.

This year many good films were shown, including one outstanding film “Last Flag Flying,” which stars Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston, and Lawrence Fishburne. The movie is about three Vietnam vets. Steve Carells’ character, Doc’s son, is killed in the Iraq war and he decides not to bury him at Arlington National Cemetery, but he and his old buddies take him on a bittersweet trip to New Hampshire. The group come to terms with shared memories of the war that still affects their lives.

“The Rape of Racy Taylor” was another out standing film It isabout the number of women raped in the Jim Crow South, which was staggering. In danger for their lives, they did not report them and what happened to them was hidden. Taylor was raped by six white boys in 1944 in Alabama She spoke up and with the help of Rosa Parks and legions of women they worked to get Ricy Taylor justice.

Joe and Melissa Sullam, owners of River Rock Health Spa, and one of the many co-sponsors of the Woodstock Film Festival, called the event “fabulous” and said they intend to keep sponsoring it.

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