By Jennifer L. Warren

Ask Deanne Brady almost anything about the eye industry, and you’re likely to get an informative, personalized answer.

Whether it be about the pros and cons of Polarized Prescription Lenses (yes, they do exist!) or the exact specifics of your vision plan, the Co-owner of New York Eyewear, as well as optician, is determined to provide her patrons with all they need to know to make the best possible decisions for their eye care.

Deanne Brady is the co-owner and an optician at New York Eyewear, which opened in January, 2010 and is located in the Mid-Valley Mall on North Plank Avenue in the Town of Newburgh.

Deanne, along with her Co-owner husband, Dennis, who continues to work at the Westchester County-based Raymond Opticians as an optician, a position he has held for the past 30 years, opened New York Eyewear, located on 47 North Plank Road in the Town of Newburgh, in January, 2010. The duo is intent on making their mark in the local eye industry.

“Our motto is high definition optics with designer style,” explained Brady. “We serve and honor most vision plans, but we carry premium products and lens designs for patients to be able to afford the best products.”

Focused on educating her consumers on the full spectrum of their vision plan offerings, Brady aims to reveal “the whole picture,” allowing them to see all of their options.
Another piece of that education involves “The 3 O’s,” Ophthalmologists (medical doctors), Optometrists (focus on eye exams, fixing contact lenses and vision training and can recognize but not fix eye disease), and Opticians (pharmacists for the other two “O’s,” measuring patients and fitting contacts and glasses to doctors’ prescriptions.)

Brady, along with her staff, made up of Ophthalmologist Dr. Lee Podberesky and receptionist Caitlyn Giampada, are further dedicated to serving the Town of Newburgh.
“There really isn’t much retail-outlet wise that is an independent optical office on this side of town,” said Brady.

Not only is that presence scare, but still more unique details set New York Eyewear apart. Able to update prescriptions in old sets of frames, the Brady business is able to do virtually everything in-house.

“We do soup to nuts here,” said a smiling Brady, surveying her office.”

The list continues.

On the fashion-end, New York Eyewear appeals to all demographics. Whether it be metrosexuals, housewives or lawyers, they offer quality, fashionable eyewear right here in Orange County.

“We are really trying to bring the New York City products here to this area,” explained Brady. “Oftentimes, there is no other way for people to get those kinds of products but to drive all the way down there.”

Some of those items include Polarized Prescription Sunglasses. The fashionable eyewear, which is able to filter out reflective glare, comes in Ray Ban, Oakley, and Brady’s choice of preference, Maui Jim. Often sported by outdoor athletes who contend with the sun, such as golfers and boaters, the glasses are becoming increasingly popular and affordable. As with other areas of her business, Brady takes advantage of every moment to educate, teaching her customers the specifics behind prescription and non-prescription polarized lenses. After all, wise decisions lead to satisfaction.

Looking to the future, Brady is pleased with her Mid-Valley Mall setting. Word of mouth and her inclusion on several vision plans have increased business, while she is hopeful more visual exposure will further spike clientele. In the meantime, the “vision” embedded in her and her husband’s business remains clear.

“I want people to know it’s okay to change eyewear and be fashionable,” said Brady. “We do that with other fashion accessories, such as jewelry and handbags, so why not do it with our glasses?”

To learn more about what New York Eyewear, visit

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